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Spotlight on: Alexander

Alexander has lived on the Vineyard since 2000. He is originally from the San Diego area of California.

These days, Alexander can often be seen strolling Main Street and other areas of downtown Vineyard Haven. He especially enjoys the people watching of his walks and seeing what others are up to at different times of the day. Alexander is also a regular customer at Mocha Mott’s, his favorite place to stop, where his beverage of choice is an Irish Breakfast tea. A few years ago, Alexander showed a selection of his drawings at Mott’s, which was profiled in a Vineyard Gazette feature article, and all of the pieces sold. A follow-up exhibit in 2019 also became a sellout.

You can find Alexander’s popular Angel Cards for sale at the Beach House, also on Main Street in Vineyard Haven. He was pleased to sell the full stock of cards he had on hand for our recent Yard & Art Sale in Chilmark. The cards were previously available at Chilmark Chocolates, where they became a favorite item for customers. Alexander was a dedicated ChilChoc employee, where his duties focused on stocking and supervision of the sampling area. He would like to obtain a future job that continues to focus on interacting and working with other people.

Alexander is from a large family, with his mother here on the island and his three sisters – one living elsewhere in Massachusetts and two in California. He recently became an uncle to new nephew Sebastian, who will stay on island for part of this fall. In the older generation, he has two uncles along with their other family members who continue to live here on the Vineyard.

Looking back at historical VIP activities, Alexander has long enjoyed the bowling and dances offered by our group. He also has been a regular attendee of Virginia’s Drama Club and performed in the Playhouse’s 2017 production of The Snow Queen as the Old Crow.

In recent weeks, Alexander has been enjoying focusing on his artwork and a canned goods recycling project. He will have many new stories, and maybe some new jokes, to share when VIP meets as a full in-person group again.

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