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VIP is a partnership of individuals with disabilities, their families, and friends working to ensure that opportunities for a full life are available to all.

Bowling, Saturday, December 2 at 11:30.

See events page for details. 

Art Exhibit

at the Chilmark Library

during library hours. Last day is Dec. 2.

See the art featured in the

2024 calendar.

To purchase calendars, use the contact button above, or come to a VIP gathering. Calendars are also for sale at the holiday shops at the Capawock Theatre in VH, and  Featherstone in OB.

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Recommended Reading  by Allison

Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories from the twenty-first century edited by Alice Wong, 2020

A varied and interesting collection of more than thirty essays. 

From one by A.H. Reaume:

"The story of disabled success has never been a story about one solitary disabled person overcoming limitations--despite the fact that's the narrative we so often read...We are often only as strong as our friends and family make us, only as strong as our community, only as strong as the resources and privileges we have...For disabled people to thrive, we need webs of help, support, understanding and care."

The book includes an extensive list for further reading. Available via Clams at your local library. 

Recommended by Jo Ann

The movie "Spellers" which was inspired by the book UnderestimatedThe movie tells the stories of eight spellers--nonspeakers with autism who communicate through spelling. One message from the book and the movie is "Presume Competence".

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