We are grateful to the Permanent Endowment, the Endowment's Island Fund for the Community and the Joy Fund for sponsoring and supporting our events. 

VIP Meetings​

Board Meeting:

in early 2022, to be announced

6:00 pm on Zoom


General Meeting:

in early 2022, to be announced

6:30 pm on Zoom

Board and General meetings are open to anyone who is interested.

For in-person events

If you need a ride: please contact Tessa by replying to any VIP email


If you are driving to an event: Reach out to see if anyone in your town needs a ride.

Barn Bowl & Bistro

Dec. 4th

Jan. 1st

Feb. 5th

Mar. 5th

April 2nd

We'll start with bowling, and folks who feel comfortable can decide afterword if they'd like to stay for lunch. 

Virginia's Drama Club
With MJ
MV Playhouse

November 30th at 5 pm

December 7th at 5 pm

December 21st at 5 pm

Join MJ for theater games, warm ups, scene writing, improv and more!  Masks must be worn at all times in the theater.

Winter Walk

Dec. 15th 3:00pm

Explore the holiday decorations in Edgartown with Ally.  Contact us through the website for questions and to receive email updates. 

Weather date: December 17th

News and Upcoming Events:

*MV Magazine has featured Alexander and his amazing cards in the late summer edition
*Cooking with hosts McCaull, Erin, and Beth to be announced
*Winter Ski Trip in March, 2022