Our Mission

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VIP is a partnership of individuals with disabilities, their family members, and friends working to ensure that opportunities for a full life on Martha's Vineyard are available to all.

Originally called the Martha's Vineyard Special Parents Association, VIP was founded in 1983 by a group of families working to improve opportunities for their children with disabilities. 

In 2007, we changed the name to Vineyard Independence Partnership to represent a full picture of inclusion for people of all ages living, working, and playing on Martha's Vineyard.

Today we offer accessible opportunities in the areas of art, drama, and recreation,  while we promote inclusivity for all.


VIP Board of Directors

Tony Palmer & Julie Schmidt - Co-presidents

Beth Kramer - Clerk

Allison Burger - Treasurer

Ida Bailey

Ann Baird

Erin Doyle

Dale Ferry

JP Hitesman

Caitlin Houghton

Ally Johnson

Chris Johnson

Debbi Zetterberg


Board Members Ann, Chris, Ida , Ally, JP and Allison (not in photo) were among the group who strolled at Polly Hill in May.

Rick and Kate by Gaff James   2021